GX-1i Golf Rangefinder

Welcome to the most accurate line of Golf Rangefinders available

With Leupold precision optics, proprietary laser technology that ranges the pin easily, even at extended range, and a scan mode available at any time, there is simply no other brand of golf rangefinder that can keep pace. The GX-1i is tournament legal, offering line-of-sight distance measurement only.

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  • $374.99 Product #117330

Pinhunter™ & Prism Lock™

Try ranging a pin or fluttering flag from over 300 yards away! It's not a problem for a GX golf rangefinder from Leupold.

Every GX golf rangefinder has been precisely calibrated to fire a laser beam exactly at the target in the crosshairs. The proprietary beam geometry improves laser returns from the pin and the advanced GX software accurately separates those returns from objects in the background.
On courses that utilize prism technology ranging a distant pin is even easier thanks to the Prism Lock. Hold the top button to scan the area around the pin, your GX will beep and the display will freeze the moment it identifies a prism-topped flag stick.

Whatever the course, you can be sure the results you receive from the GX are the most precise available from any golf rangefinder on the market.

Optical System

Our engineers combine precision glass, cutting edge coating technology and rugged structural components to create the most desired optical products on the market. The optical system in the GX golf rangefinders is built to the same rugged, exacting standards.

You can expect no less than bright, clear optics. Accurate ranging. Low glare. Scratch resistance. And years of dependable use.

Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA)

Fueled by an exclusive new rangefinder engine technology, three years in the making, products with DNA propel golf laser rangefinding to new levels of precision, and speed. Get faster, more precise ranging with resolution to within 1/10th of a yard against all background colors and textures. DNA takes the groundbreaking GX series to a new level!


Our products are battered and abused by thousands of enthusiasts every day and they are legendary for their durability. We know how to make a product rugged and we’ve poured that knowledge into the weatherproof Leupold golf rangefinder. So the next time you play through an ill-timed squall, you can be confident at least one friend will stick by you side - your Leupold golf rangefinder.

Fog Mode

Rain or shine, many golfers hit the links regardless of condtitions; that's why we designed Fog Mode.

Most rangefinders give measurements from the first target returned, which in some cases is the fog between you and the pin.

Your GX will cut through the weather and provide fast, accurate measurements to get you on the green.

You don't let anything stand between you and the cup, so why should your rangefinder?

Quick Set Menu

The Quick Set Menu is intuitive and easy to use, giving you fast access to the incredible performance of your GX golf rangefinder. All features and modes are easy to see without cluttering the field of view.

Scan Mode

When you want multiple readings in one quick sweep, just hold down the Power button and the display will continuously update with accurate line-of-site measurments. As an extra benefit, on courses utilizing prism technology, your GX will beep and the display will freeze the moment you scan past a prism-topped flag stick, assuring you of an accurate reading.

Specification PinCaddie GX-1i GX-2i GX-3i² GX-4i²
Magnification 6x 6x 6x 6x 6x
Objective Aperture 23mm 23mm 23mm 22mm 22mm
Line of Sight Distance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DNA® (Digitally Enhanced Accuracy) No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prism Lock™ No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pinhunter® Pinhunter Pinhunter Pinhunter Pinhunter 2 Pinhunter 2
Fog Mode No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quick Set Menu No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yards/Meters Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inclinometer No No Yes No Yes*
TGR™ (True Golf Range) No No Yes No Yes*
Club Selector™ No No Yes No Yes*
Yellow Smart Key™ No No No No Yes
USGA Legal (under section 14-3) Yes Yes No Yes Yes1
Weight 6.8 oz 6.2 oz 6.2 oz 7.8 oz 7.9 oz
Dimensions 4.3x2.8x1.6 in 4x2.75x1.5 in 4x2.75x1.5 in 3.8x3.0x1.4 in 4.2x3.0x1.4 in
Display LCD (black) LCD (black) LCD (black) OLED (red) OLED (red)
Body Material Advanced Polymer Advanced Polymer Advanced Polymer Aerospace Grade Aluminum Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Selectable Aiming Reticles 1 7 7 3 3
Maximum Range:
     Reflective Target/Prism 600 yrd / 549 m 800 yrd / 731 m 800 yrd / 731 m 800 yrd / 731 m 800 yrd / 731 m
     Pin 250 yrd / 229 m 400 yrd / 366 m 400 yrd / 366 m 450 yrd / 411 m 450 yrd / 411 m
Battery Life
(CR-2 Lithium battery included)
>7k Actuations >6k Actuations >6k Actuations >6k Actuations >6k Actuations
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 year 2 year
Part Number 117857 117330 117331 119087 119088
* GX-4i features activated only when the included yellow Smart Key™ faceplate is attached.
1 USGA Approved when Chrome faceplate is attached.

QuickDraw™ Retractable Tether

Small devices such as rangefinders and cell phones can be more secure on the golf course with Leupold's® QuickDraw™ retractable tether system.

The first of its kind in the golf market, the QuickDraw system utilizes three components: a holster with LeverLock™ belt clip, 36-inch long Kevlar® cord and Velcro® security strap. The holster attaches to a belt, cart or bag to provide quick, secure access to most small devices. Rangefinders such as Leupold's GX® models, GPS receivers, radios, cell phones and other smaller electronic gadgets are all compatible with the system.